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I'm running a join query, where one of the tables has many nested repeated fields. The query fails if I don't limit the result, either by using limit clause or where clause.

One example:

Error: Unexpected. Please try again. Job ID: job_43582ec20d594ff6b5b97726dd7dbf31

The same query succeeds if I add a "limit 100" clause.

I thought that I need to use "join each" instead of join, but this didn't change anything.

How can I fix the probelm?

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If you post the query, someone can probably help you. –  Theresa Oct 31 '13 at 16:10

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Problem was fixed after changing the join order (small table on left side, big table on right side of join), and using "join each". Seems like a bug as join operation needs to be symmetric.

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