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I really don't know how to form this question because I am completely new to OpenCart and have very limited experience in coding.

What I am trying to do is do a complete custom navigation menu. I like my Top Header, but don't want my categories to go in the top menu. I have searched throughout the internet, and found a few tutorials that would allow me to do this, but the thing is the theme I am using has an already built custom menu.

The tutorials I saw told me to do it from the header.tpl file, but when I followed those instructions, it deleted the categories but didn't but in my links. Then I tried another way and well it didn't have the same format as the rest of the theme. Just a link. (I am thinking this was done right, but I took out the formatting, which I have no idea how to find the right one)

In the theme's backend, I am able to put in three custom links. I like this and would use it, if I could figure out, how to take out the categories and add more links.

While tinkering with the code I was able to put more tables in the backend, but I got an error inside the forms. I would post code that I did up, but I deleted it and put in the original code so I didn't mess up anything.

In my folder Theme - Template - Common

I have two different Menu php files (One says Themename_Menu & the other OpencartDefault_Menu), so I figure I would have to do something to these two, but no idea what that is.

Just tell me what I would need to post and I will do so.

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