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I am appending html elements to my site via JQuery but I am concerned about their placement. What I'm trying to do might be easiest explained with a picture.

I've got two large windows and two small windows. The large windows (models) are what are appended to the body of my html with JQuery after my form (with id #modelform) is submitted. The smaller windows (walds) are what are appended to the body of my html after a wald form (with class .wald) is submitted. Each model window comes with its own wald form (the button Wald Test). What I would like is for the wald window that is returned after submission of a .wald form to be displayed to the right hand side of its associated model window, instead of underneath it.

Instead of appending the wald window to the html body I would like to do something like $wald_element.appendTo(This wald form's containing window) or something? Is this possible?

enter image description here

Here is the JQuery describing the process:

    var $counter = 0

    //When the model form is submitted...
    $("#modelform").submit(function() {


        //It takes the values from the form (#mymodel)
        //and posts the values via AJAX to '/estimate'...
        $.post('/estimate', {name: $("#mymodel").val()}, function(data) {

            //And the value returned from '/estimate' is appended to the html body.
            var $model_var = data['title']
            var $model_element = $('<div class="window">' + $model_var + '<form class="waldform" action="#" method="post"><input type="text" id="waldnum" value="' + $counter + '" style="display:none"/><input type="submit" value="Wald Test" /></form></div><br>');       

            $('body').append($model_element) ;

            //When a waldform is submitted...
            $(".waldform").submit(function() {

                //The value in the form (#waldnum), which corresponds to a specific
                //value (model) returned from '/estimate', is posted via AJAX to '/wald'
                $.post('/wald', {name: $(this).find('#waldnum').val()}, function(data) {

                    //And the value returned from '/wald'is appended to the html body
                    var $wald_var = data['title']
                    var $wald_element = $('<div class="wald">' + $wald_var + '</div><br>');



                            return false ;



                    $(".waldform").off() ;

                return false ;

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You can find the form that was submitted using event.target in the submit function, and use functions like .parent() to traverse the DOM and find the element (the window in your case) that you want to append the Wald element to.

$('form').submit(function(event) {

JSFiddle demo

However, the way that's displayed will depend on the structure of your HTML and CSS. You could edit those so that the item is appended to a div containing the main window. Or, if these windows are moveable and you're using absolute positioning, you can set the position of the new Wald element based on the offset of the Model element.

        position: 'absolute', 
        top: target.offset().top,
        left: target.offset().left + target.width()

JSFiddle demo

That example uses jQuery UI to allow the elements to be moved, but if you're using something else or the windows aren't moveable, it should still work.

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YAY! Exactly what I was looking for! :) –  JoeDanger Oct 31 '13 at 18:48

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