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I was wondering how to create a controller that could handle both create and update template. EG: I have a 2 controllers called "groups.coffee"& "groupedit.coffee "and two templates: create.mu and edit.mu..I had groups.coffe manage the create.mu template and groupedit.coffee manage the edit template...however I wanted to combine the groups and groupedit controller as they more or less perform the same function..I need just one controller "groups.coffee" to manage both the tempaltes...

here are the routes for the same:

'/groupedit/:id': (params) -> @active().groupedit.active(params) // this goes to the edit template

'/groups/': (params) -> @active(). groups.active(params) // this goes to the create tempalte..

I need just "groups" to have both templates in it.... can anyone suggest me with the routes i should go about doing this???

thanks in advance...

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I don't think what you are trying to do should be very difficult. Have you considered using @navigate instead of @active? –  aeischeid Jan 27 at 20:22

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