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I'm currently coding Lode runner for my programming project. So far, my teammates and I are hitting a brick wall. Right now, we are trying to load a level via a text file. What we plan to do is have the text file be filled with characters (S for solid block, b for brick etc.) Then, we read the text file and store the characters in an array or 2d array (I'm not sure what would be better) then based on the characters we draw the objects that correspond with said character (draw a brick for b, draw a solid block for s etc.) thus, loading the level. The problem is we have no idea how to implement this idea into actual code. I'm looking for code that's easy to understand, not how short it is. However bonus points for both. We're open for suggestions and we would much appreciate your help. I'll try tell you all what we learned so far in the class based on each answer. Thanks again!

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what language????? Assembly? That's what the original was programmed in. Lucky you, that's probably not it. –  AwokeKnowing Oct 31 '13 at 18:14

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