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I have a bash script that takes user inputs (name, password) and starts another bash script by passing these inputs.

Problem: This background process is stopping on system reboot

Question: How can I make this process survive reboots (restart on boot)?


read -p "username:" username
read -sp "password:" password
echo ""

exec 3<<<"$username/$password"
./mytoolsvc.sh > console.out &


params=($(cat 0<&3))

mytoolsvc is dying on system reboot. I would like this process to start automatically after reboot.

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This is false security. The password is still visible to anyone (pgrep -fl mytoolsvc.sh). You might as well store it in a config file somewhere. Then you can make it a service that will start after reboot.

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actually i am doing this to hide them from ps "exec 3<<<username,password" and reading from "params=($(cat 0<&3))" –  keerthi Oct 31 '13 at 19:31

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