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I'm having a problem making an interrupt working.

I want to make a traffic light in assembly and the sequence of Red/Green, Red/Yellow, Red/Red and Green/Red is working as it should. The problem is with an interrupt. I want the interrupt to make the system going to an "emergency" mode and put booth lights RED, after one second on Yellow but it isn't doing nothing when I press the button...

Here's the code. Hope someone can help me:

.include "m328pdef.inc" ; ATMega328p definition file
; Semaphore definition
; (to be adjusted case by case)
.equ semaphore=PORTB
.equ GreenNS=0 ; Bit 0
.equ YellowNS=1 ; Bit 1
.equ RedNS=2 ; Bit 2
.equ GreenEW=3 ; Bit 3
.equ YellowEW=4 ; Bit 4
.equ RedEW=5 ; Bit 5

.equ    fq  = 16000000      ;xtal frequency

.dseg ; Variable definition in SRAM
state: .db 0 ; present state
.cseg ; Code segment

.org 0
    rjmp main

    rjmp main

.org 0x0002
;mov r19, r16

in r16, SREG

rjmp State_emr0


;rjmp main

rcall initsystem


lds r16,state

cpi r16,0
breq State0
cpi r16,1
breq State1
cpi r16,2
breq State2
cpi r16,3
breq State3
cpi r16,4
breq State4
cpi r16,5
breq State5
cpi r16,6
breq State6

; more code with the states

; and now the part with the initializations and the interrupt function


ldi r16,(1<<YellowEW)+(1<<YellowNS)
out semaphore,r16

;wait 1s
ldi r16, 10
rcall r16delay

;ldi r16,10
;sts state, r16

ldi r16,(1<<RedEW)+(1<<RedNS)
out semaphore,r16

;wait 15s
ldi r16, 150
rcall r16delay

;ldi r16, 7
;sts state, r16

out SREG, r16



ldi r16,LOW(RAMEND)
out SPL,r16
ldi r16,HIGH(RAMEND)
out SPH,r16

ldi r16, 0b00111111     ;set PB0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 as output
out DDRB, r16
out PORTB, r16

ldi r16, 0x00                ; 
out DDRD, r16              ; set port D as input (signal from button          
out PORTD, r16               ; arrives on pin 2)

ldi r16, 0b00000001     ; activate INT0
sts EIMSK, r16

ldi r16, 0b00000101     ; set both INT's to be triggered by any logical                                                 
sts EICRA, r16             ; change

ldi r16,0 ; define initial state
sts state, r16

ldi r19,0


 rjmp dispatcher

Sorry for the long code, but I want to give you everything you need to help me.

Thanks in advance

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are you insane? Why are you doing this in assembly haha is this for a class? –  Anthony Russell Oct 31 '13 at 18:54
A litle bit lol The first weeks of the semester I learned how to program in assembly and I made this traffic light, but now I want to improve it by adding an interrupt, but this is not so easy as I thought :( –  canibalimao Nov 1 '13 at 19:53
Hi, you need to be a bit more specific on StackOverflow. Whaqt have you done so far to debug the problem? Are you using a debugger (Such as a Dragon board) and if so, what exactly is wrong? –  Greycon Nov 25 '13 at 18:05

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