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I've been stuck on this one for a little bit. I have 3 tables and want to match tables 2 and 3 to table 1 on different columns.

id      | item1_id       | item2_id   
1       | 4              | 5   
2       | 5              | 6   
3       | 6              | 7  

id      | item1_name     
4       | item1_a              
5       | item1_b              
6       | item1_c              

id      | item2_name     
5       | item2_a              
6       | item2_b              
7       | item2_c              

What I've been trying is:

SELECT AS taskID, AS item1Name, AS item2Name
FROM tasks LEFT JOIN (item1 CROSS JOIN item2) 
ON (tasks.item1_id = AND tasks.item2_id =,
users, notes 
WHERE users.task_id =
AND notes.task_id =;

I'm returning tasks but not the info from item1 or item2... Any help here with proper syntax would be greatly appreciated.

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check this SO link, you'll find useful informations and examples: – Sebas Oct 31 '13 at 18:52
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Why are you doing a cross join? Just do two left joins:

SELECT AS taskID, AS item1Name, AS item2Name
     on tasks.item1_id = LEFT JOIN
     on tasks.item2_id = LEFT JOIN
     on users.task_id = LEFT JOIN
     on notes.task_id =;

This will keep all records in tasks, along with all matching fields from the other tables.

Note: you shouldn't mix join criteria by using both on clauses and where clauses. In fact, the rule is simple. Eschew where clauses for joins. Always use on.

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Thanks... I think I was over thinking it. Also I didn't realize it was bad form to mix ON and WHERE. Is it ok to use WHERE on tasks after my LEFT JOINS? – Andrew Sinagra Oct 31 '13 at 19:30
@AndrewSinagra . . . It is bad form to use the , in the from clause. If you want a cross join, then be explicit. Modern join syntax has several advantages over the old-style joins. But yes, you can still use a where clause with modern join syntax. – Gordon Linoff Oct 31 '13 at 20:24

Simply like that :

    item1.item1_name AS item1Name,
    item2.item2_name AS item2Name
FROM tasks
JOIN users ON users.task_id =
JOIN notes ON notes.task_id =
LEFT JOIN item1 ON = tasks.item1_id
LEFT JOIN item2 ON = tasks.item2_id
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    SELECT AS taskID, AS item1Name, AS item2Name
    FROM tasks LEFT JOIN 
    ON tasks.item1_id = 
    LEFT JOIN item2 on tasks.item1_id = 
    JOIN users on users.task_id = 
     JOIN notes on notes.task_id =; 
    WHERE users.task_id =
    AND notes.task_id =;
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