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I'm a composer/producer, and for a group of songs, I created a dedicated Facebook Page.

Now, once reached the 50 "Likes", I wanted to have an URL for each page.

But in one case it still not possible.

the tune is called "STRIPTEASE" which FB returns: it's not available. Ok but there is not yet any page with that URL

however, I tried also


but nothing.

To be sure it is an unique URL, I appended also the name of the band


nothing ... FB tells always it's a not available address.

Thus I think there are "forbidden" words to use into addresses and probably "striptease" is one of these. Can anyone verify this please?

Thank you so much for your help

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Easiest way would be trying with a different name than striptease, and if it works then yeah, there's probably a word filter somewhere.

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