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I wrote a small helper which adds controller and action name as classes to the body tag of application.html.erb

// helper
def body_classes
  [controller_name, action_name].join(' ')

// layout
<% content_tag :body, :class => body_classes do %>
<% end %>

Now I'm looking for a way to determine if the corresponding controller is capsuled into a subdirectory:


if true I want to pass the subdir name as third class to my helper, something like module_name. Any advice how to achieve this? I'm still bound to Rails 2.3.18 here, but it should work with Rails 3 likewise.

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There's no module_name, however, you could use controller.controller_path.parameterize to get the name of the controller together with the module it belongs to.

In your case you would get 'my_subdir-users'.

Hope that helps

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