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I want to build plot parallel coordinates from arrays. Arrays have the same dimension. Lines sould be value from allay value5. I have builded axies. I have a problem, how to paint lines between axes?


var value1 = [1,2,3,4,5];
var value2 = [3,4,5,7,3];
var value3 = [34,56,43,90,3];
var value4 = [300, 456,345,690,343];
var value5 = ["t1", "t2", "t3", "t4", "t5"];


<div id ="canvas"></div>


var x = d3.scale.linear()
    .domain([d3.max(value1), 0])
    .range([0, 500]);  
var xAxis = d3.svg.axis().scale(x, value1).orient('left');  

var y = d3.scale.linear()
    .domain([d3.max(value2), 0])
    .range([0, 500]);
var yAxis = d3.svg.axis().scale(y, value2).orient('left');

var z = d3.scale.linear()
    .domain([d3.max(value3), 0])
    .range([0, 500]);  
var zAxis = d3.svg.axis().scale(z, value3).orient('left'); 

var t = d3.scale.linear()
    .domain([d3.max(value4), 0])
    .range([0, 500]);  
var tAxis = d3.svg.axis().scale(t, value4).orient('left'); 

var svg = d3.select('#canvas').append('svg');
var g = svg.append('g');

    .attr('class', 'axis')
    .attr('transform', 'translate(20, 20)')
    .attr('class', 'axis')
    .attr('transform', 'translate(150, 20)')
    .attr('class', 'axis')
    .attr('transform', 'translate(300, 20)')
    .attr('class', 'axis')
    .attr('transform', 'translate(450, 20)')
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Have you seen Kai Chang's Parallel Coordinates plugin? It makes creating a parallel coordinates visualisation very easy. –  user1614080 Nov 1 '13 at 9:23

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