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I've been doing the d3 let's make a map tutorial and I'M SO CLOSE but something happened in merging the two json files because the final uk.json doesn't have the three letter country codes -- rendering my map useless because I can't assign a class to the subunits.

I read this from Mike Bostock that said topojson changed and to do this instead when creating the file:

  topojson \ 
            --id-property su_a3 \ 
            -p name=NAME \ 
            -p name \ 
            -o topo/uk.json \ 
            topo/subunits.json \ 

which I ran in the Terminal but same output on the uk.json file. Any ideas? Do I need to make a subfolder within my directory called "topo"?

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1. Working code: Quickly, I find in your code some diferences with mine. Try out this :

topojson \ 
    --id-property su_a3 \ 
    -p name=name \ 
    -p name=NAME \ 
    -o topo/uk.json \
    -- topo/subunits.json \ 

I'haven't test it however. The topo/... path is also a difference with my code.

2. Missing: A possibility is that you lost this property upper in your workflow. The GIS file's data attribute name may have changed, etc.

3. Case sensitive: Check that the keys you call in your TOPOJSON match the keys within your GIS / Geojson file. This is case sensitive. To check within the shp file : QuantumGIS* > load the .shp file > Right click on layer > Open attribute table > There, look at the column's title.

*: or other GIS software

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yeah I used your code and had the same issue... basically my subunits are undefined instead of having the three letter country codes when i make the uk.json file. How do I know if the GIS file's data attribute changed? –  allison Nov 6 '13 at 16:11
QuantumGIS* > load the .shp file > Right click on layer > Open attribute table > There, look at the column's title. If I remember well it's case sensitive. –  Hugolpz Nov 6 '13 at 19:06
figured it out -- needed to capitalize --id-property SU_A3 and then it worked! thanks for your help –  allison Nov 6 '13 at 19:37
Oh. I previously had the same bug for an other variable. My su_a3 works, but I downloaded the data months ago. Note: you can validate & +1 the answer if it helped you. –  Hugolpz Nov 11 '13 at 12:43

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