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I'm new to VBA (1 month), and I can't find how to get my code to know when I select a picture in Excel.

I want to be able to autoselect the cell containing the picture if I select the picture instead of the cell.

The picture already has the same name as the cell with "INV" as start (ex: INV$A$1).

The code must also work for double clicks, as double clicking the cell triggers some subroutine.

Everything is already written, but if I click the picture rather than the cell, nothing happens.

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Add a macro to your images when they're inserted. You can use the same macro for all images and check the value of Application.Caller to determine which image/shape was clicked.

Sub Pics_Clicks()
End Sub
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Works Great. I used this as a basis , and all is fine. Many Thanks –  Patrick Lepelletier Dec 20 '13 at 11:07

Try something like this:

Private Sub Image1_Click()
    MsgBox "clicked via Click!"
End Sub

Private Sub Image1_GotFocus()
    MsgBox "clicked via GotFocus!"
End Sub

Here, "Image1" is the automatically created name of a control of type Image. Such a control is inserted to an Excel sheet in Design Mode. Double click on the control to get the event handler routine auto-edited in the VBA editor.

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