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I am using mako for creating html templates.

I my template, I have the following code:

% for s in query['sandboxes']:
% for node in s['nodes']:


<td>${node['slowcall_count']}) / ${s['slowcall_count']}</td>


% endfor
% endfor

The loop and display are working, but it displays "30 / 100" instead of the actual division result.

After searching, I saw this Using from __future__ import in Mako template

and then tried this code:

float(${node['slowcall_count']}) / float(${s['slowcall_count']}) 

but it gives me a syntax error. The follwoing doesn't give any error, but it doesn't display anything either:

float(1) / float(2)

Is there a way to make my division work?

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This should work between the td tags:

${float(node['slowcall_count']) / float(s['slowcall_count']) }

An expression can occur inside the ${}. As explained here:


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Marvelous! I tried this before, but inside the <%! %>, and it did not work. This line plain and simple works. Thank you. –  Amaranth Nov 1 '13 at 15:10

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