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So, I have the following tables:


Using LLBLGen 2.6 (Adapter Version - No Linq), SQL Server, and .NET 3.5, how would I write the following query?

SELECT o.ObjectID 
FROM Object o 
INNER JOIN ObjectDetail d ON i.ObjectID = d.ObjectID 
WHERE d.CreatedDate = ( SELECT MAX(CreatedDate) 
                        FROM ObjectDetail
                        WHERE ObjectID = o.ObjectID

There will be more filtering, however it's not relevant to this, like if I had an ObjectDetailType and I wanted the max ObjectDetail row for a certain type.

Also, it doesn't have to select o.ObjectID, any / all columns will be fine.

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Solved it

  new FieldCompareSetPredicate(
    (ObjectFields.ObjectID == ObjectDetailsFields.ObjectID)
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