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The following test keeps failing and I can't figure out why? I am trying to figure out how to test defereds/promises with Jasmine.


Expected undefined to be 'Resolved Data'.


    describe('Queued Repository', function () {
    var ctrl,

    beforeEach(function () {

        inject(function ($rootScope, $controller, TestSrvc) {
            rootScope = $rootScope;
            scope = $rootScope.$new();
            service = TestSrvc;

    afterEach(inject(function ($rootScope) {

    it('test something', function () {
        expect(service.calculate(1, 5)).toBe(6);

    it('resolves promises', function () {
        var result;

        service.getPromise().then(function (data) {
            result = data;

        expect(result).toBe('Resolved Data');


    var app = angular.module('testApp', []);

app.service('TestSrvc', ['$q', '$timeout', '$http', function ($q, $timeout, $http) {
    return {
        getPromise: function () {
            var d = $q.defer();

            $timeout(function () {
                d.resolve('Defered Result');
            }, 5000);

            return d.promise;
        getSomething: function () {
            return "Test";
        calculate: function (x, y) {
            return x + y;
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Shouldn't it be expect(result).toEqual('Defered Result');? –  Jonathan Palumbo Oct 31 '13 at 23:32
@JonathanPalumbo - Yes, but it still does not work. –  Sam Oct 31 '13 at 23:36
Yes I see what you mean, result is undefined. If it was a promise returned $http I would suggest calling $httpBackend.flush() before making your assertion. However using the $q service is another story. –  Jonathan Palumbo Oct 31 '13 at 23:39

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Try calling $timeout.flush() before expect(result).toBe('Resolved Data');.

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Thanks a TON! Do I still need the $rootScope.$apply()? –  Sam Nov 1 '13 at 4:48
I get "unexpected request" GET my.test.service/someObject/someId no request expected –  FlavorScape Jun 5 '14 at 20:22
You're not showing the full content of file that you want test, from where this GET calls come? Why $http is injected to the service? –  Krzysztof Safjanowski Jun 16 '14 at 15:50

In your example, you will need to call both $timeout.flush() AND $rootScope.$apply().

Explanation: $timeout.flush() will force your $timeout in the service to run immediately. Your service will then call 'resolve' - but the promise.then() will not be called until the subsequent digest cycle; therefore you will need to call $rootScope.$apply() to propagate any 'resolves' and 'watches' - which will occur synchronously.

NOTE: In Jasmine, ensure that your promise.then() function appears BEFORE your call to $rootScope.$apply otherwise it will not fire the promise.then() function. (I haven't figured out why this is the case in Jasmine.)

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