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When I write a twisted service that will run with the twistd daemon I also want to make it configurable and run separate daemons, for the same service, with different configurations. But the twistd daemon does not accept (at least I don't see how) custom arguments from the command line, so what I do is to pass the configuration file in the standard input:

twisd -y myservice.py < my.cfg

and then in the myservice.py I have the following:

cfg = parseConfig(sys.stdin.read())
application = Application('myapp')
MyService(a=cfg.a, b=cfg.b).setServiceParent(application)

This is working just fine for me, but I'm wondering if there is The Right Way for doing this?

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Reading from stdin in a tac file is unusual and not specifically supported. It works by accident. I think you'll have trouble convincing enough people that this is a good enough interface to explicitly support indefinitely - so you might find that a future release of Twisted (accidentally) breaks it. –  Jean-Paul Calderone Nov 1 '13 at 11:34

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It looks as if the Twisted way of doing this is documented here:


You write plugins that add 'subcommands' which can be used via the CLI

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I also want to add one more option without the plugin mechanism, and avoiding the stdio - namely via the env variables:

CONFIG my.cfg twisd -y myservice.py

with the modified code:

cfg = parseConfig(open(os.environ['CONFIG']).read())

(I didn't think of this earlier because of my limited linux experience.)

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