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I'm a new user on stackoverflow, but I've used the boards extensively in the past to look for solutions to various programming questions.

I'm building a research code using C and MPI, and I'm having trouble getting MPI to distribute an array of structures initialized on the root process to all the other running processes.

The relevant portions of code are below:

/* Define structure containing all important particle phase space info */
struct part {
    double  rho;
    double  phi;
    double  zpos;
    double  eps;
    double  mu;
    double  phip;
    double  weight;
    int     ebinold;
    int     ebinnew;

. . .

/* relevant variable declarations */
struct part *IonArray;
/* Declarations associated with MPI derived datatype for particle structure */
MPI_Datatype Particlestruct, Particletype;
MPI_Datatype type[2]={MPI_DOUBLE, MPI_INT};
int blocklen[2]={7,2}, *displs, index, PartBufferSize,nions,nionsproc;
MPI_Aint disp[2];
MPI_Aint base, lb, sizeofentry;

. . .

/* Initialize MPI */

/* Get the number of processes */

/* Get my process number (rank) */

SendCounts=(int *)malloc(nproc*sizeof(int));                /* Array of number of particle structures located on each process (to be sent to/from root) */

displs=(int *)malloc(nproc*sizeof(int));
PartBufferSize=10000000;        /* Ion array will be oversized */
for(index=0;index<nproc;index++) SendCounts[index]=nionsproc;   /* Initial number of particles to be distributed to each process */
IonArray=malloc(PartBufferSize*sizeof(struct part));

. . . 

/* (Fill IonArray array of structures with data on root process) */

. . .

/* Set up MPI derived datatype for particle structure before distributing particles to processes */

MPI_Get_address(IonArray,disp);                     /* Base address of IonArray structure on each process */
MPI_Get_address(&(IonArray[0].ebinold),disp+1);     /* Address of first int entry after 7 doubles */
base = disp[0];                                     
for(index=0;index<2;index++) disp[index]-=base;     /* disp[] now gives raw memory displacements from one datatype block to the next within structure */

MPI_Type_create_struct(2,blocklen,disp,type,&Particlestruct);   /* Create MPI data structure */
MPI_Get_address(IonArray+1,&sizeofentry);                       /* Compute extent of structure */
for (index=1;index<nproc;index++) displs[index]=displs[index-1]+nionsproc*((int)sizeofentry);

MPI_Type_create_resized(Particlestruct,0,sizeofentry,&Particletype);    /* build datatype describing structue on local architecture (including any padding) */
MPI_Type_commit(&Particletype);                                         /* handle 'Particletype' can now be used as an MPI datatype */

/* Distribute particles to respective processors */
if(myrank==0) MPI_Scatterv(IonArray,SendCounts,displs,Particletype,MPI_IN_PLACE,SendCounts[myrank],Particletype,0,MPI_COMM_WORLD);
else MPI_Scatterv(IonArray,SendCounts,displs,Particletype,IonArray,SendCounts[myrank],Particletype,0,MPI_COMM_WORLD);

I've tried to run a test case on just 2 cores (nproc=2), such that the second set of 50000 structures in IonArray should be scattered to the second process (with myrank==1), if all worked as planned. However, when I printf() the values stored on IonArray on the second process (e.g., IonArray[index].eps, etc.) after the call to MPI_Scatterv, they appear to be uniformly empty (and print as zero). I'm not getting any apparent error in my MPI_Scatterv call, and my entire exercise of setting up the derived MPI_datatype is pretty much stolen right out of the MPI 3.0 manual (mpi30-report.pdf, p. 126).

Please let me know if there isn't enough information copied from the code to make the code function intent apparent, as I'm snagging bits and pieces out of several thousand lines of code and might have missed something. Any assistance to figure out why MPI isn't passing data the way I intended would be much appreciated!


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By the way, I just ran an equivalent MPI_Scatter operation that worked properly (where I pass nionsproc number of array elements to each non-root process), so I believe I've set up the derived datatype correctly. The only reason I'm using MPI_Scatterv is because later on I want to allow for the number of particles on each process to change dynamically, requiring MPI_Scatterv for the most streamlined way to pass a variable number of elements per process back and forth. –  delta P Nov 1 '13 at 16:33
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