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I have some css and image files I would like to share between two applications. I created a plugin to do so, and the images resolve properly to their paths in the css files if I use grails run-app. If I create a war, though, the image paths will only resolve to instead of to This error did not occur with grails 2.2, but it is occurring with grails 2.3.1.

The plugin is installed with the following line in BuildConfig.groovy: grails.plugin.location.'myplugin' = "../myplugin"

Is there a setting I need to update to get wars working properly again?

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I changed the urls in my css file to use relative paths ("../images/myimage.png" instead of "/images/myimage.png"), and it fixed the issue.

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Accept your own answer boss! Good that you found a solution, I thought this might be related to the resources-things which can be a real hassle. – marko Nov 1 '13 at 9:42

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