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I'd like to have a variable which is made of ziped lists, but only those selected. That is,

selected = (True, True, False)
mylist1 = [1,2,4]
mylist2 = [4,5,8]
mylist3 = [3,2,7]

So, what I want is to get mylist = zip(mylist1, mylist2) if selected is like above. Namely, I'd like to zip only those lists which are marked as True. At the moment I have a bunch of if-else's and it looks ugly. I will need to do the same with more than three lists later on and I feel like there must be a more universal solution for it. Is there?

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zip it again and filter within a comprehension –  JBernardo Oct 31 '13 at 23:37
If you don't mind using numpy, it is a classic use-case for their fancy indexing –  wim Oct 31 '13 at 23:39

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More zip!

lists = [mylist1, mylist2, mylist3]
selected_lists = (b for a, b in zip(selected, lists) if a)
result = zip(*selected_lists) # itertools if necessary
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I like to represent You itertools.compress()

lists = [mylist1, mylist2, mylist3]
result = zip(*itertools.compress(lists, selected))

compress make an iterator that filters elements from data returning only those that have a corresponding element in selectors that evaluates to True. Stops when either the data or selectors iterables has been exhausted.

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You can use numpy's indexing.

import numpy as np
selected = np.array([True, True, False])
lists = np.array([mylist1, mylist2, mylist3], dtype = 'object')

Note that for this to work, selected needs to be a numpy array, not a tuple.

In fact, you can choose to skip the call to zip. lists[selected] is already an object similar to the result of your call to zip -- it is iterable, and each of the elements is a sequence with N elements (where N is the number of Trues in selected).

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Oh, wow, it's an obvious one I missed... Thanks. –  sashkello Oct 31 '13 at 23:48

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