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I use JDIC in my executable Jar file, when it runs, it needs to have IeEmbed.exe and MozEmbed.exe in the same dir as the Jar file, I wonder if there is a way to package all 3 files into a single executable Jar file, so when I distribute the app, there is only one executable Jar file to worry about, besides, there are problems sending and downloading *.exe files, what's the solution ?

For instance, my executable Jar file is called Java_App.jar, how to get <1>IeEmbed.exe <2>MozEmbed.exe and <3>Java_App.jar into a Jar file called : My_App.jar, and when user double clicks on My_App.jar, it will run the Java_App.jar and find the needed IeEmbed.exe and MozEmbed.exe files from inside the My_App.jar package without unpacking and save them into a local dir.

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There is no problem packaging them together per se. The jar file is finally a .zip file.

The problem will come when your app try to load it because it won't be able to find the .exe in the system path.

The solution is to make an installable file ( which can be a .zip file ) and expand and copy the .exe file for you for instance in a "bin" directory

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