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I have a webdav server implementation that works fine with windows and OSX 10.8 versions. Since OS X 10.9 upgrade, many webdav actions including dragging a file onto a webdav mount using Finder and editing files using MS office applications (Microsoft Word, Office, Powerpoint) have stopped working.

Looking at client <-> webdav server traffic, it appears that after acquiring LOCK on a file, client is not supplying lock token in subsequent requests to server, resulting in 423 responses on subsequent operations. According to webdav spec, client needs to supply file lock-token in subsequent commands to server.

I confirmed that this is not a problem with 10.8 or earlier versions.

File drag and drop to Finder webdav mount show following sequence of request and responses:

PROPFIND /webdav/Private/a123/test.pptx 404
PROPFIND /webdav/Private/a123/test.pptx
PUT /egnyte-internal/webdav/Private/a123/test.pptx 201
PROPFIND /webdav/Private/a123/._test.pptx 404
LOCK /webdav/Private/a123/test.pptx 200
UNLOCK /webdav/Private/a123/test.pptx 204
PROPFIND /webdav/Private/a123/._test.pptx 404
LOCK /webdav/Private/a123/test.pptx 200
UNLOCK /webdav/Private/a123/test.pptx 423

Looking at wireshark output for this sequence, second unlock request doesn't include the Lock-Token header. At this point, system.log shows error "unexpected statusCode 423" and mount disconnects.

Here is the UNLOCK request headers, missing Lock-Token:

UNLOCK /webdav/Private/a123/test.pptx HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost:10001
Accept: */*
Authorization: Basic YWRtaTeyhsbaksVusjhs9tZTEyMw==
Content-Length: 0
Connection: keep-alive
User-Agent: WebDAVFS/3.0.0 (03008000) Darwin/13.0.0 (x86_64)

Has anyone else seen this problem and have a solution ?


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I think that's the same issue as this: discussions.apple.com/message/23525832 I'm having the same problem, but no solution, too. –  StephenKing Nov 13 '13 at 15:21

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I must say I have not encountered the problem myself, but I was looking around for a problem that we are experiencing with our WebDAV server. On the way I found this: The description of your problem sounds quite similar to what I was reading in these posts. Have a look and report if that helps you. Seems quite a lot of WebDAV servers are broken.


and this:


At the very least this is a very good starting point.

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