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I would like to print CIL structures e.g. Cil.instr According to the CIL API, it has a function like e.g. Cil.d_instr, which I can use to print to the Errormsg like e.g. Errormsg.log "Instruction: %a\n" d_instr i; I would like to store it value in a variable. I tried:

  let i_str = Printf.sprintf "%a" Pretty.sprint (d_instr i) in ...

however, this causes type mismatch compiling error. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks!

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The function Cil.d_instr has the following prototype:

val d_instr : unit -> instr -> Pretty.doc

Therefore, to get a value of type Pretty.doc, you need to apply a value of type unit before the instruction: d_instr () i.

Then, to convert a Pretty.doc to a string, you need to use Pretty.sprint : width:int -> doc -> string. Note that you need to provide a maximal width (but you can use a very large one if you wish). Finally, combining both parts, you get:

let i_str = Pretty.sprint max_int (Cil.d_instr () i)

I suggest you to read carefully the documentation of Pretty: http://kerneis.github.io/cil/doc/html/cil/api/Pretty.html. It will explain you in particular that it is more efficient to use values of type Pretty.doc as long as possible, concatenating values with (++), and translating to a string (or sending to standard output) only at the very end.

Finally, but this is unnecessarily complex in my opinion, here is how to compose it if you really want to use Printf.sprintf:

  let ds_instr () i = Pretty.sprint max_int (Cil.d_instr () i) in
  let i_str = Printf.sprintf "%a" ds_instr i in ...
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