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This might also be a wider issue with customized twentythirteen issues in 3.7.1

Context A few days ago (Sun/Mon) I updated the Wordpress SEO & Google Analytics plugins, changed some meta descriptions and the site was fine, live and working. However, it's been down since Wednesday. White screen appears both for the url & the /wp-admin page

-Don't know if it updated to WP 3.7.1 automatically since I don't know what it was before..must have? because it Is currently 3.7.1 -many plugins are outdated, and are not compatible with 3.7.1. I have deactivated them

So far I have: erased blank lines in the functions.php as per some online recommendations and renamed the current custom theme to grant me access to the /wp-admin and the dashboard...but now im stuck

Trouble is I'm not a developer, don't know php (just basic html) and I don't quite understand the original web designer's workflow...there are 5 themes in the content folder twentyten, twentyeleven, twentythirteen, twentytwelve, twentythirteen, and custom (child?) theme called 'citystudio'

The most recent and numerous error reads:

[31-Oct-2013 08:57:33] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_attached_media() (previously declared in /home5/citystu3/public_html/wp-includes/media.php:1958) in /home5/citystu3/public_html/wp-content/themes/citystudio/functions.php on line 651

Line 651: is the last line of this code

// Get all attached media //

function get_attached_media($media_size="large", $id, $info=false) {
    $media = '<div class="cycle">'; 
                $args = array( 'post_type' => 'attachment', 'numberposts' =>     
-1, 'post_status' => null, 'post_parent' => $id, 'orderby' => 'menu_order', 'order' =>  
'ASC' ); 
            $attachments = get_posts($args);
            if ($attachments) {
                foreach ( $attachments as $attachment ) {
                    $title = trim(strip_tags( $attachment- 
>post_title ));
                    $caption = trim(strip_tags( $attachment-
>post_excerpt ));
                    $media .= "<div class='slide'>";
                    if ($info) {
                        $media .= "<div class='content'>";
                        $media .= "<h4>".$title."</h4>";
                        if (strlen($caption)>4) $media .= "
<div class='caption'>".$caption."</div>";
                        $media .= "</div>";
                    $media .= "<img 
src='".wp_get_attachment_url( $attachment->ID , $media_size)."' />";
                    $media .= "</div>";
        $media .= '</div>';
        return $media;

And this comes immediately after:

$tracking = get_option('citystudio_google_analytics');
if($tracking && $tracking!="") {
add_action('wp_footer', 'async_google_analytics');
function async_google_analytics() { ?>
<script type="text/javascript">
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p.s. SORRY about the length :s – user2943879 Nov 1 '13 at 5:28
One thing I see is that $media .= "<img needs to be $media .= "<img";. Also, looks like media.php line 1958 also has a function named get_attached_media(), so you're going to need to refactor one of them. – musical_coder Nov 1 '13 at 5:35
It's really dumb for a theme author to use a function with the same name as one of WP core functions. As @musical_coder says you'll have to rename this function and find all occurrences in the theme and rename too (now comes the complicated part, did it mean the original WP or the theme's function?). – brasofilo Nov 1 '13 at 6:42

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