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I simply want to create output by applying A and using B as index. For example,

A = [7;9]
B = [0;0;1;1;2]

output = [0;0;7;7;9]


0th of A is considered as 0,

1st of A is 7,

2nd of A is 9.

I tried to use accumarray but this function is quite hard to understand and I don't know how to apply this.

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"0th of A is considered as 0"

No, in MatLab it's not. Indices are always positive integer. Hence you need to translate A to add one more column for 0 and increment B for proper index values.

A = [7;9];
B = [0;0;1;1;2];

A = [0;A];


ans =

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I am surprised because as far as I remember this (or something that is similar with this which is actually wrong slightly) was the first try of mine when I tried to do it. Then when it didn't work I started to search for another solution. Well, perhaps I made a slight mistake then or was too sleepy then. Thank you! –  user2604484 Nov 1 '13 at 5:52

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