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I am trying to sort column in My DatagridView in Silverlight

This is My class

    MyGrid.CanUserSortColumns = true;
    public class Row
        private Dictionary<string, object> _data = new Dictionary<string, object>();
        public object this[string index]
            get { return _data[index]; }
            set { _data[index] = value; }
        public Dictionary<string, object> GetData()
           return _data;

   ObservableCollection<Row> RowList = new ObservableCollection<Row>();

   foreach (string _Row in _DATA)
       Row row = new Row();

       //some Data to add


PagedCollectionView RowListView = new PagedCollectionView(RowList);
this.MyGrid.ItemsSource = RowListView;

Still I cant Sort? What can I do ?

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Post your Xaml code –  Sajeetharan Nov 1 '13 at 9:58

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You need to set the CanUserSort="True" for each column of your datagrid in xaml. Definitely this will work.

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