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Say I have a 2D board. In each cell of that board there are objects or derivative objects of type BoardItem. Say if there was a click on the board (i.e. a board item is selected) I need to find out what group of BoardItems should be deleted. As you already understood, I am talking about free match games. :) Actually the type of the board item defines the algorithm of selecting the board group, that is to say, depending on the BoardItem that was clicked, different kind of groups should be identified and deleted. The problem is how to design the system: mainly where to define the algorithm of group selection.

Case 1

It would be really bad to define that algorithm of group selection as an interface of BoardItem class as far is in that case I have to provide also the board to the BoardItem so that it could understand what items are the neighbors and apply the correct algorithm.

Case 2

There is another way. We can have a function that checks the type of the clicked board (this is possible for Java, AS3) as apply different algorithms. In this case we don't provide BoardItem with board info, but here we completely forget about polymorphism.

Please suggest a polymorphic design that solves this type of problems: selecting a subset in a set depending on the type of a pivot.

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The items to be deleted depends upon the item selected or the board layout or both. Because you are saying that board layout shall have to be given as input to identify which 'neighbours' are to be deleted. –  user1990169 Nov 1 '13 at 6:53

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