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I started working on Mobile First Responsive Design. In mobile, there wont be any sidebar but sidebar is required on desktop so I worked on basic things and then in media query for mobile, hidden that sidebar. Then I needed to make sidebar appear on desktop version of media query.

My question is - How I would have worked on it ?

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For the starter, i would like to prefer some basic ideas to build a responsive website:-

  1. Use Layout Flexible
  2. Donot Use tables
  3. Use Media Queries
  4. Use Mobile Viewport Meta Tag

A basic example for a responsive website is that suppose you have a website with content and sidebar which is floated with 70% and 30% width, in mobile or shrink screens, the content panel and sidebar will be width 100% and float none...

That's a simple example for a responsive website...

Rest you can use framework for responsive websites like Twitter Bootstrap or Kendo UI and etc...

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I had the specific question and that is more about the approach experts take. –  Satya Prakash Nov 1 '13 at 10:55
Approach is as simple as implementation... Mark your implementation first this will surely work for you... Thanks... –  SaurabhLP Nov 6 '13 at 4:58

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