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I'm using the jquery library to load the content of an html file. Something like this:


If the file (in this case 'login.html') does not exist, I would like to detect it so that I can redirect the user to an error page for example. Any ideas how I can detect if the file to load exists or not?

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You can use the ajaxComplete event, whis gives you access to the xhr object which you can query the status of the request e.g a status of 404 will mean the file does not exist.

More Info in the docs http://docs.jquery.com/Ajax/ajaxComplete#callback

Test here http://pastebin.me/48f32a74927bb


$("#someDivId").ajaxComplete(function(request, settings){
    if (settings.status===404){
        //redirect here
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@PConroy's solution works, but it does the same thing for all failed ajax requests.

If you need this on a per request basis - i.e. if the first request fails it goes to X page and if the second fails go to Y, then you need to do this using the error handle in the $.ajax function:


(to edit: http://jsbin.com/iwume/edit)

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Not my solution, just edited the layout of the code :) – ConroyP Oct 14 '08 at 9:33
You should show the basics of the solution here instead of requiring people to click on a link. Links are fine for providing additional information, but there should be enough information in the answer itself. – Juan Mendes Jul 12 '11 at 20:55

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