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As shown in the program below I am receiving from server2 and sending from server5 to the client1.. Now I want to receive and send from the client2.pl file the same code usrnm2 and userid2 and send the can1,can2,can3.. The problem arises when I want to run the code for client1.pl independently and the code for client2.pl independently.. Means that both should not wait for each other to finish and then run.. want to receive from server3 and send from server6 to client2.pl

use IO::Socket::INET;



###To client1.pl###

print("\nThe votes of PTI are".$pti);
print("\nThe votes of MQM are".$mqm);
print("\nThe votes of ANP are".$anp);
###To client2.pl code goes here###
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