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I am try to creare video from terminal but i can't success. it gives error on terminal like this.

    adb shell screenrecord  /sdcard/screenshotyyyy.mp4
    ERROR: unable to create encoder input surface (err=-38)
    WARNING: failed at 320x480, retrying at 720x1280
    ERROR: unable to create encoder input surface (err=-38)
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The screenrecord feature doesn't work in the AOSP emulator, because the software AVC encoder doesn't support the necessary features. As noted in this bug, the screenrecord binary will be removed from future emulator distributions to avoid confusion.

I don't expect support to be added in the near future, as this requires a bunch of work in the codec.

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I've got the same problem, I think we have to open a bug report to Google. Emulator for 4.4 is really a disaster.

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Are you trying this using an emulator? Looks like screenrecording from an emulator isn't supported.

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