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I upgraded my Windows RT 8.0 project to target Windows RT 8.1 project in Visual Studio 2013, and now it gives me following linking error:

error LNK2038: mismatch detected for 'vccorlib_lib_should_be_specified_before_msvcrt_lib_to_linker': value '1' doesn't match value '0' in MSVCRT.lib(appinit.obj)

Any ideas what's this error about?

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I solved this problem after upgrade to 8.1

My project structure was (example):

project.vcxproj (Consume Windows Runtime Extension: No) file1.cpp file2.cpp application.cpp (Individual file settings: Consume Windows Runtime Extension: Yes)

So after upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1 in VS2013 I got such error LNK2038 And my solved project structure is:

project.vcxproj (Consume Windows Runtime Extension: Yes) application.cpp static_lib.vcxproj (Consume Windows Runtime Extension: No) file1.cpp file2.cpp

So project with global enabled runtime extension and static library without runtime extension links without such errors.

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