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Probably title don't make any sense , so i will explain my problem in details.

Lets say i have www.mysite.com , where i have background image for div , onclick() , div changes background image. Everything is working just fine. Problems start, when i have subfolder, for example, myblog. It looks like www.example/myblog/post1.php . In post1 i got same div with same backgrounds, but onclick it doesnt work, because link is targeting img, which don't exist.

In first case jquery do it all right : www.mysite.com/assets/img/picture.jpg (this is actual location)

In second case jquery is adding folowing link : www.mysite.com/myblog/assets/img/picture.jpg code is simple, as u imagine. onclick do

$('#div').css("background-image", "url("assets/img/picture.jpg")"); 

so , things work when i add ../assets/img/picture.jpg , but then it wont work in root directory.

i have tried using url+assets/img/picture.jpg , but i get www.mysite.com/www.mysite.com/...etc (and yes url is correct).

So my question is, how to deal with this problem? Same goes for includes like header and footer. if i have "include" folder on root, i cant link to it if i am in /blog/post1.php . I have been struggling with this for a while, so i would like to get some tips.

If it makes any difference, i am working in codeigniter....

Thanks !!

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Whenever I'll print a file reference into a page, I print it relatively to the root address:

To include the file http://mysite.com/assets/img/picture.jpg, I would use the /assets/img/picture.jpg reference. So the browser will look for this file starting from the root (/) page.

This will be a problem if you move your entire website to another folder. That's why I always keep a global setting for every application I make, the "path" setting.

E.g. the application http://mysite.com/app1/ has the "path" setting = "app1". When I'll print a file reference to a page, I take this setting into consideration, like:

$file_path = "assets/img/picture.jpg";    
echo "/$site_path/$file_path";

This will print /app1/assets/img/picture.jpg. If for some reason I need to make another install of this application in http://mysite2.com/anotherappname/, I just change the global path setting to "anotherappname.

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ok, thats for includes in php files.... but how i can manage it in Jquery file with css actions? As i mentioned, i got /assets or ../assets . Do i need make two conditions, or there is easy way around ? –  Merkley Nov 1 '13 at 10:33
As I mentioned, if you add a / before the path, no matter where the script loads, it will look from the website root. $('#div').css("background-image", "url('/assets/img/picture.jpg')"); will always look in mysite.com/assets/img/picture.jpg, no matter if you are inside a subfolder. –  Camargo Nov 1 '13 at 10:59

I normally set a variable of $domain in PHP which looks something like http://www.example.com/ (notice the trailing slash). I then echo this to a Javascript variable like so:

var domain = '<?php echo $domain; ?>';

This variable is then available in Javascript too. I might use it like this:

$('#div').css("background-image", "url('" +domain + "assets/img/picture.jpg')");

If you need to change $domain then the changes will trickle through to your Javascript which is handy.

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im going with pathArray = window.location.href.split( '/' ); protocol = pathArray[0]; host = pathArray[2]; url = protocol + '://' + host; then add url variable instead of your domain, but it is the same thing ( i hope ) but as i mentioned in topic, i get url(mysite.lv/blog/://www.mysite.lv/assets/img/picture.jpg); in inspect element } –  Merkley Nov 1 '13 at 10:40
@Merkley: window.location has already protocol, host and pathname properties saved. –  moonwave99 Nov 1 '13 at 10:42

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