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I can't find any documentation on this or any forum discussions. Has anybody at least gone through their testapp? I feel like there are errors in their code (deprecated from the most recent version of pymongo), but I've just started with pymongo and am not entirely sure. Are there any good resources on django-mongodb or is this project kinda dead?

More generally, has anybody used MongoDB with Django?

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Yes, I have been using this version (django-mongodb) for more than a year now and it gels smoothly with django.

First I started using mongoengine and its a good software but soon I ran into problems because it was not fitting the django standard structure.

For example, to define a model in django, using django-mongodb you will follow the django style and inherit from models.Model class but in mongoengine, you have to inherit from a Document class.

And the code is also different for example to iterate over an example model Blog. In django-mongodb, you can do

for blog in Blog.objects.all():

which is how you access objects in django no matter what the backend is but in mongoengine, you have to write

for blog in Blog.objects:

which according to me is not a django way of doing things and is very inconvenient.

In django-mongodb, there is also a support for low-level raw operations using raw_query and raw_update methods which is very useful.

If you have been using django with other backedns like MYSQL then with django-mongodb you will have no problem in changing the backend to mongodb. So all in all, according to me, django-mongodb is better way of using mongodb with django.

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I'm working on MongoEngine, an ORM-like wrapper for PyMongo, (documentation here) and better Django integration is one of our future goals. At the moment we provide a Django auth backend that runs on MongoEngine - sessions and settings.py database configuration will hopefully follow in the near future. For more info see the documentation page on using MongoEngine with Django.

More generally, has anybody used MongoDB with Django?

I'm working on a project that demonstrates how to use Django with MongoEngine; it's up on GitHub if you want to have a play with it or take a look at the code. MongoEngine plays fairly nicely with Django - just don't specify the usual database settings in settings.py, instead call mongoengine.connect() somewhere in settings.py and you can use MongoEngine as usual in Django.

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Awesome. Keep up the good work –  adamJLev Jun 15 '10 at 15:48
I'm just started with MongoDB, and must say that MongoEngine is awesome! Keep it up! –  RadiantHex Jul 24 '10 at 18:00
There's only missing a good forms library to use with it. django-mongoforms is quite stale but it's the most promising solution. Other than that it's easy to use custom django forms and mongoengine. Really great lib to use with django. –  tutuca Apr 26 '11 at 20:56
Very good, I like that. seems more powerful and compatible with Django. –  Afshin Mehrabani Oct 6 '12 at 18:41

I did, and it was an ultimate struggle. Here's my 2 cents.

First I tried with Django-Cassandra and it's not fully baked, unfortunately.

MongoDB - My first attempt getting it setup was easy, however, I can't get the admin tool to work because of AutoField (default primary key) values must be strings representing an ObjectId on MongoDB (got u'1' instead)

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Yes, actually, it works great.

I'm only using it in development, and have not deployed it to production yet. The folks over at All Buttons Pressed have released a Django backend for mongodb:


Of course, the big limitation is there are not any m2m fields in mongodb, but that is ok to work around since foreign keys are supported.

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The MongoDB folks have put out a great list of projects that might be useful.

PyMongo ORM Layers

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Current correct URL is api.mongodb.org/python/1.7%2B/index.html –  Peter Rowell Jun 18 '10 at 4:14

AFAIK django-mongodb isn't being actively developed. There are definitely people using MongoDB with Django, however. Might want to look at this project for an example of using PyMongo with Django.

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