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I have created a Windows 7 shortcut in an attempt to give someone who is not comfortable with R the ability to run a simple program. I have tried to follow the advice of other postings, but must be missing something. This is what I have in my shortcut right now.

Target: "C:\Program Files\R\R-3.0.2\bin\x64\Rscript.exe" --vanilla -e "C:\Users\Moo\Desktop\CharCalendar.r"

Start in: "C:\Program Files\R\R-3.0.2\bin\x64"

I get error messages (that flash up very briefly on a black DOS window) that say things like Error unexpected input in "C:\"

I have tried with and without quotes in the target, I have tried using source() in the target (also with and without quotes).

The script runs without error when I submit it in the R console.

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You probably want

"C:\Program Files\R\R-3.0.2\bin\x64\Rscript.exe" --vanilla C:\Users\Moo\Desktop\CharCalendar.r

as your target. No -e; that specifies an expression to run, not a script file.

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Works like a charm! –  Jean V. Adams Nov 1 '13 at 12:41

I must admit, I hardly ever made my own shortcut in Windows. However, you coul seemly write a bat-file which runs the R-script and PAUSES, so you can read the output:

@echo off
"C:\Program Files\R\R-3.0.2\bin\x64\Rscript.exe" "C:\Users\Moo\Desktop\CharCalendar.r"

You may also want to add additional options and arguments after Rscript.exe. If you want to pass it to Rgui.exe, it will be a trickier. Read the following stackoverflow-topic for hints:

Passing script as parameter to RGui

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I didn't try this, since I got it working with the answer from @HongOoi. Thanks for the ideas, though. –  Jean V. Adams Nov 1 '13 at 12:36

Replace Rscript.exe -e with Rterm.exe -f, which indicates that you are passing a file as argument, -e is for passing expressions e.g. Rscript.exe -e "a<-1:10; mean(a);" Rterm provides a few more options for control compared to Rscript, see Rterm.exe --help.

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There is no -f switch for Rscript.... –  Hong Ooi Nov 1 '13 at 12:18
I tried this, but it didn't work unless I took the -f out as @HongOoi suggested. –  Jean V. Adams Nov 1 '13 at 12:36
@Hong Ooi You are right, thx for pointing this out, I was thinking of Rterm. I amended my answer. –  andrei Nov 1 '13 at 12:47

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