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As per title, just wondering if there is a mechanism with easymock to test if a method wasn't called during it's lifetime.

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From the EasyMock documentation:

Nice Mocks

On a Mock Object returned by mock() the default behavior for all methods is to throw an AssertionError for all unexpected method calls. If you would like a "nice" Mock Object that by default allows all method calls and returns appropriate empty values (0, null or false), use niceMock() instead.

So what you are asking is the default behavior.

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I find the default behavior annoying as you very easily end up "requiring" in the test that the code being tested is inefficient. I once did a simple refactor of moving a getSomething() call outside a loop, which caused the test to fail because i did not call getSomething 40 times(!), and "non-nice" mocks encourage this type of test (since it would fail when if I expected only one call before the refactoring). – Stein G. Strindhaug Jun 8 '11 at 9:32
@Stein: agreed. Unit tests should be fine-grained, ideally testing only one thing. "non-nice" mocks discourage this. – Wim Coenen Jun 8 '11 at 10:04

By default, Easymock will throw an exception for any methods that are called that you didn't explicitly set expectations for.

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