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We are integrating I10n in our app, and one language is german. In german, float numbers are usually separated with commas, not dots: 10,5 instead of 10.5.

ActiveRecord doesn't accept inputs like 10,5 for float fields, while Mongoid does. But strangely, the validates_numericality_of validator doesn't accept such values. Mongoid even allows inputs like 10'000,5 and parses it correctly! But this is all useless if these values are validated before they are type casted by Mongoid.

This seems strange to me. Isn't there a way to force the type cast by Mongoid before a validation happens? Or is there another way to fix this issue?

Our biggest problem with this is the money-rails gem which returns currency values localised: 10,50 in german, 10.50 in english. Because the form input is populated with this value, I always get an "is not a number" error when using the validates_numericality_of validator. This is really annoying and breaks a lot of our code since we changed the separator in german from . to ,.

I thought about monkey-patching the NumericalityValidator to make sure that any Money is parsed correctly object, or to write my own MoneyValidator which does the parsing and then delegates to the NumericalityValidator. Both seems not perfect.

So isn't there a way to let Mongoid do the type cast before the numericality validation happens?

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