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I have an xml file, which is created by the unix "tree" command. This can be run against a directory to provide an xml document of the files and folders within. I have been able to parse the xml into nested ul / li which are then styled by CSS to create collapsible nested sub-directories. Much like a regular graphical file explorer. The problem is with my js / jQuery. It isn't able to find and output the nested files / directories correctly. As a beginner, I can't figure out the correct way to loop through this.

I cannot alter the xml, and never know how many subdirectories or files there will be.

I have put the code I'm using on jsfiddle, but I can't get it to work on there. My local version works, but doesn't go further than a single directory deep.

I've tried loads of similar code samples, but nothing quite gets it close enough.


$(document).ready(function () {
    type: "GET",
    url: "list.xml",
    dataType: "xml",
    success: parseXml

function parseXml(xml)
    var list=['<ul>'];

    $(xml).find("tree > directory > directory").each(function(){  //loop over parent folders
          var $self=$(this);
          list.push('<li class="dir">' + $self.attr("name") +'<ul>');
          $self.find('directory').each(function(){  //loop children "folders" within loop of folder
                list.push('<li class="dir">'+$(this).attr("name")+'</li>')
          $self.find('file').each(function(){  //loop children "files" within loop of folder




    $(container).append( list.join(''));

$(document).on('click', ".dir", function() {
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Hi Dan, did you get this to work? Also, Can you share the unix command that you used to create the xml tree? –  user1707141 Apr 22 at 18:10

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