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I am using Office 2007 in Windows 7 and trying to update the data behind the charts in Powerpoint. I read that Office 2007 onwards has a new Object model, which I am trying to use. But this is throwing error. Could someone please let me know how this could work?

Set oChartData = oPPTFile.Slides(SlideNum + 1).Shapes("ChartLeft").Chart.ChartData


Set oWorkBook = oChartData.Workbook

Set oWorkSheet = oWorkBook.Worksheets(1)

oWorkSheet.Range("A1").Offset(UBound(Channel_names) - i + 1, 0).Value = c.Text

oWorkSheet.Range("B1").Offset(UBound(Channel_names) - i + 1, 0).Value = c.Offset(13, 5).Text

oWorkSheet.Range("C1").Offset(UBound(Channel_names) - i + 1, 0).Value = c.Offset(13, 4).Text

oWorkSheet.Range("D1").Offset(UBound(Channel_names) - i + 1, 0).Value = c.Offset(13, 3).Text


I have added appropriate references for Powerpoint, Graph, etc.

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Which line raises the error? and please indicate what is the specific error message. – David Zemens Nov 1 '13 at 13:57
Hi,Problem was solved by updating OFfice using Service Pack. Else, the error meesage was about not being able to access Workbook object of ChartData..I think one needs to have SP installed to use the new object model that came post Office 2003 – Siddhartha Nov 12 '13 at 4:49

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