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I am testing a class I made that uses a helper function. The function I'm testing looks like:

public function upload(UploadedFile $file)
    $file = $file->move(base_path() . '/temp');
    $file = new FileSystemPicture($file);

    return $file;

When I run the tests and it hits the helper function it says:

PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function make() on a non-object

I have tracked the helper function down to be the following code:

function base_path($path = '')
    return app()->make('path.base').($path ? '/'.$path : $path);

I know that I'm getting the error because the "app" hasn't been created because I'm only testing the my class, not the whole application. Are there other effective ways to get the root directory of my project or is there a way to force the "app" to load so it can be used in this function?

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I had this problem, solved making sure that:

  1. My test class extended TestCase.
  2. If my test class had a setUp() method, it called parent::setUp()

app_path() and similar functions worked after that.

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That's alright for integration tests, but for the unit tests you need a way to mock the helper function. – Rob_vH Jul 21 at 21:14

I just ran into this issue, and my solution is to wrap the whole helpers.php contents with

if (!file_exists('newFunction')) {

This should prevent the attempt at re-declaring the functions after the first test case has executed.

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There is a way to mock helper functions that use app() function in a complete isolation from laravel environment. Considering that your package has illuminate/support dependency you could do something like this:


    class Test extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
        protected function mockApplication(array $methods = [])
            return $this->getMock('Illuminate\Foundation\Application', $methods);

        public function testHelperFunction()
            $appMock = $this->mockApplication(['make']);


            $testPath = "my/path";
            $myPath = "otherPath";

            $expectedValue = "{$testPath}/{$myPath}";

                    ->will($this->returnCallback(function () use ($testPath) {
                        return $testPath;

            $this->assertSame($expectedValue, base_path($myPath));

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Are you following the documentation? Laravel tests should be located at app/tests dir and extend Laravel TestCase class, as stated:

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Yes I know this. I'm well-versed in unit testing for Laravel. This is just something I have never run into before and can't find the solution to anywhere. Since I'm just testing a single class, it doesn't automatically run the app. – searsaw Nov 1 '13 at 19:06

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