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I have a problem with my cakePHP app. I have many Matches (each one has date field), and the problem I have is to make one Match date (the first one, concerning their dates) available everywhere in the app (especially I want to use it in default layout file).

I have tried using:


But it seems to remember setted date only right after it's setted (when I proceed to the next page, Configure::read('date') returns null).

What would be the best solution to my problem?

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Simply write it to the current logged in users session data?

The Configure class wont store it persistent except you write the config file and load it. But I would not do it this way for what you try to do because its inefficient and would conflict with other users except you store it for each user in a separate config key.

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Perfect! Thank you, I was not aware of possibility to store various data in session data, that solves my problem. – siwy2411 Nov 1 '13 at 13:39

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