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I am currently working on a project which requires MapBox to be used. We have a persistent sidebar which is laid over the top of the map in HTML. The sidebar is 500px wide.

Everything works fine, except that when we center the map at a given co-ordinate pair, there is 500 pixels' worth of the map hidden. Essentially, I am looking for a function / formula that can be used to convert the latitude position used for centering to accommodate an extra 500 pixels, at a given zoom level.

Could anyone tell me of such an algorithm (ideally in JavaScript, but could easily be converted)? We have looked into the use node-sphericalmercator, but this doesn't quite achieve what we need.

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Use L.fitBounds() and the padding options to do this with Leaflet, or if you can't use bounds, convert with latLngToPoint, move the point, and convert back.

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Thank you. I wasn't aware that Leaflet provided this functionality, but someone over on their Forum also pointed this out. Thanks for your help! – BenM Nov 2 '13 at 15:50

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