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I have an MVC4 application to which I upload files. The app supports 'old' clients (IE8 and 9) and 'new'. For the 'new' clients I'm using fineuploader.js and for the older IEs I'm using an ActiveX control (POWActiveXUploader) for the uploads.

Both upload mechanisms go through the same controller action but are then handled differently. The 'new' upload reads the incoming bytes from the Request.InputStream while the ActiveX uploader uses the HttpPostedFileBase.

The 'new' uploads work fine, however the ActiveX uploads timeout.


There are several things I've tried and noticed, they are:

The timeout is approx 4 minutes even though the ExecutionTimeout setting in web.config has not been changed (it defaults to 110 secs.) This is true on several servers I've tried this on. If I put in code to read the config the timeout is definitely set to 110 seconds.

I've tried setting the Server.ScriptTimeout this doesn't work, and I don't expect it to as this is MVC4 and as I understand it all controllers are Async.

I've tried setting the AsyncTimeout attribute, this has no effect.

I've tried setting the NoSyncTimeout attribute, no effect.

Changing web.config to have debug="true" works (infinite timeout)

Changing the ExecutionTimeout in the httpServer section of web.config works (set it to 6000)

I've made the upload asynchronous using async/await in the controller, no effect

I've tried getting the stream from the HttpPostedFile and reading that rather than just calling SaveFile on the HttpPostedFile

If anybody has any idea why this doesn't work or can suggest other things I could try I'd be grateful. Also, does anybody have any clue why I'm seeing a 4 minute timeout

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