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In my app there are two types of Users (Athletes & Users). Athlete inherits the User class as it is using an STI setup. There are other kinds of users as well, but these kinds of users are setup based off of their roles.


Coach --> Regular User with the role of 'Coach'
School Admin --> Regular User with the role of 'School Admin'
Contributor --> Regular User with the role of Contributor

Old code lingering in my app used to have Coach as a User Type (class Coach < User;), but it doesn't make a lot of sense moving forward in my app to have Coach as a single User Type. I am going to be taking the methods in the Coach model and moving them out into a module but was curious to know if there was a way to include the module only if the User had the role of Coach?

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Yes, that's possible. One way of doing it would be:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  after_initialize :extend_with_role_module


  def extend_with_role_module
    case role
    when 'coach'
      self.extend CoachModule
    when 'school_admin'
      self.extend SchoolAdminModule
    when 'contributor'
      self.extend Contributor

But it's terrible design as the after_initialize block will be called for all User instances that are loaded into memory. The code is probably due for a refactoring.

Source: Ruby 2.0.0 Docs - Object#extend

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