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I'm having some difficulty with "for /f" not being able to find a file with a specific name. Many users on this site had this problem when the file or path contained spaces, but that is not the case here. Simple example, batch file named "test4.cmd":

 @echo off
 set ln=%1
 if exist 2013_10_23_Cal_Curve.txt echo The first file exists.
 if exist ~temp1.txt echo The second file exists.
 for /f "skip=%ln% tokens=2" %%a in (2013_10_23_Cal_Curve.txt) do echo Found the first file.
 for /f "skip=%ln% tokens=2" %%a in (~temp1.txt) do echo Found the second file.


C:\Users\wnc7\Desktop\jmp_test_data>test4 1
The first file exists.
The second file exists.
The system cannot find the file 2013_10_23_Cal_Curve.txt.
Found the second file.
Found the second file.
Found the second file.
*(expected output continues for second file....)*

Other commands such as findstr can find the file, but for/f cannot find it. Yet for/f can find ~temp1.txt written in the same format, and in the same directory.

I have tried "usebackq" and putting the file name in quotes, to no avail. Any help is appreciated.


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just show the content of 2013_10_23_Cal_Curve.txt. –  Endoro Nov 1 '13 at 14:46

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The file is read blocked by another process. If it can't be readed, it exists, and can be find, but for /f can not process it. Instead of for command, try type file or delete file, then the error will be that the system has no access to the file because it is in use by another process.

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This was the problem. The first file was locked by another program and I didn't realize it. The error message was a bit deceptive, wasn't it? Thanks so much for the help, as it was driving me crazy! –  user2945218 Nov 1 '13 at 17:49

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