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I have an SQL query with aWHEREclause with multiple conditions joined byAND

I want to do the following check:

WHERE something AND WHERE x <> y

but only the second clause when x is not a certain value (in my case NULL)

In other words, if x is not NULL, then I want to add the x <> y to the WHERE clause The following code doesn't work - I don't know if it's a small syntax issue or whether the logic is not supported. If it isn't, does anyone have any ideas on an alternative solution?

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What DBMS are you using? –  Kermit Nov 1 '13 at 14:38

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WHERE something AND coalesce(x,'some non-y value') <> y

This works best if you can find a constant value that you know will never match y for any row. If you can't, you have to use an expression to modify y, and that will be slower.

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You've overthinking this. Just use boolean logic:

WHERE something AND (x IS NULL OR x <> y)

CASE is an expression and has to return a value. And on most database systems, the result of evaluating a predicate isn't represented as a value in SQL type system, so it cannot be the value returned by a CASE.

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