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I have recently installed PHPDocumentator 2 and like it so far. One thing I would like to do is organize the files in a more meaningful way (specifically by using the actual folder structure) and in alphabetical order.

Here is a screenshot of my classes as it stand now:

enter image description here

Note that they are not in alphabetical order at all. The actual folder structure is like so:

  - Database
  - all Form classes
  - Tester
  - Registration
  - ConfigForm

I'm not using namespaces, but I have @package's on all of the classes.

Can I fix this in phpdoc.dist.xml or do I need to create a new template?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: Here is a sample docBlock:

  * FormElement Class
  * @category System
  * @package  Form
abstract class FormElement
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In case you're still interested, you can follow along on the progress of this feature request at this github bug report. –  eykanal Feb 11 at 1:20
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In sampling the various output templates available with phpDocumentor 2.1.0, I see that some do alphabetize that left-side listing, while others do not. It is possible, even likely, that those that do not alphabetize the list are bugs in those templates.

Regarding your organizing via @package, your expectations are correct. However, I see in your image that you are showing the "\" global namespace listing rather than the Packages listing. You'll want to choose a template based on how it presents the Packages view. I'd suggest trying the Abstract template first and see if it fits your liking. I see that it alphabetizes its listing of Packages, as well as its list of Classes in a Package.

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Abstract does more of what I want for sure. I wish the phpdoc documentation was better! Seems to me it should be. Is there a good guide out there for creating a template with phpdoc? –  Scott Joudry Nov 1 '13 at 16:44
The barebones guide is here (phpdoc.org/docs/latest/for-template-builders/getting-started/…). A more detailed guide is planned later on. –  ashnazg Nov 1 '13 at 18:58
thank you very much –  Scott Joudry Nov 1 '13 at 21:39
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