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There have been questions about this before: Twitter Bootstrap CSS that support from RTL languages

But all the answers are good for Bootstrap 2.x

I'm working on a project that is in Arabic (rtl), and I need Bootstrap 3.x right to left.

Does anybody know a fix for that?

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  1. I highly recommend this library. It is built over Bootstrap core, and rtl support is added as it is a bootstrap theme. This would make your code more maintainable as you can always update your core bootstrap files. CDN

  2. Another option to use this stand-alone library: http://zerox.me/projects/bootstrap3/ It aslo comes with few awesome Arabic fonts. Github repository.

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Nice and update library. Thanks. –  Hamid FzM Jul 21 at 14:24

I found this very helpful, check it: http://cdnjs.com/libraries/bootstrap-rtl

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You can find it here:

RTL Bootstrap v3.2.0 at https://github.com/Kaakati/Bootstrap-Arabic
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+1. Thanks for sharing :) –  Muhammad Reda Sep 16 at 7:21

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