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Spotify App API v1 Spotify 0.9.4

I'd like to react differently to song changes whether they ended on their own were skipped. I was advised on IRC that it would be in the event below, but I guess I'm blind.

models.player.addEventListener('change', function (e) {

Besides the fact that all I get from that is [object Object], when I use inspector, I don't see any thing that seems to indicate skipped vs normal.

This question is basically a dup of How can I tell if a song has ended or the next button was clicked with the spotify API? except for a newer version of the api.

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It appears that e.data.duration is 0 when the song is skipped, and the new song's length in milliseconds when it isn't. Is this a reliable way to detect skipping? –  Thomas Nov 1 '13 at 17:22

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