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I am making a web-app and my users need to select a specific time in a specific time zone. For example, selecting 8th November 2013 at noon in New York City. Unfortunately, I cannot properly set the date in the momentjs object.

Here is a jsfiddle that reproduces my problem. What am I doing wrong?

var data = {date: 8, hour: 12, minute: 0, month: 10, year: 2013}
var ret = moment({}).tz("America/New_York");
_.each(data, function(val,key){
   ret.set(key, val);
$("h1").text("the date should be the 8 th but it is the "+ ret.utc().get("date")) // 7

many thanks,


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Your script is a bit convoluted, but it does seem to work in the fiddle. At least, I don't get an error in Google Chrome. Other browsers may vary.

However, it's not going to always produce the correct results. When you initialize it, you are setting a moment as of "now" in New York. But then you replace the values one property at a time. This doesn't take into account that "now" might not have the same offset as the date you are feeding it due to daylight saving time fluctuations.

Moment-timezone doesn't currently have functionality to create a moment from a time in a particular zone. This has been requested in issue #11, and there is a pull-request that has been merged in #25, but has not yet been released. If you want to work with the development version from the sources, you can try it out now, such as follows:

var m = moment.tz("2013-10-08T12:00:00","America/New_York");
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